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Spilt Milk – 200g (exclusive to our Cheese Club members)

Due to the Coronavirus crisis Spilt Milk was created out of necessity because we wanted to help out our goat milk farmers by taking milk we really didn’t need. Senior Cheesemaker Mitch created a splendid cheese that is washed with Sparkke Vintage Cider which they could not sell on tap due to Pub closures.
Made with entirely repurposed products that were originally destined for the chopping block, Spilt Milk is what I would refer to as a peasant style cheese, simple, elegant with a lovely caramel note from the cider – Made with 100% South Australian Goat Milk.

Let’s face it, there is no point crying over “spilt milk” enjoy it for what it is!  

Beverage – Dry Cider or Dry White wine like Coriole Fiano, Pikes Riesling we like Pikes or the Jericho 2018 Adelaide Hills Fume Blanc*.

Charleston – 110g

Affectionately called ‘Charlie’, this cheese is a staple of our range. A classic Brie style cheese made our way, the real way. As it matures the centre becomes soft and custardy and it develops a full rich flavour with just a slight hint of mushroomy characters. 

Beverage: Best enjoyed with any sparkling white wine or the Jericho 2017 S3 Shiraz*

Vigneron – 110g

A cheese created as a challenge from the winemaker at Coriole Vineyards in the McLaren Vale years ago – “Make a winemaker’s cheese” he said. A Goat Brie, washed in white wine, and wrapped in vine leaves. A pleasantly delicate cheese, super creamy when fully ripe, and earthy notes from the rind. Unique and a star on the cheese plate.

Beverage: Medium bodied reds like Coriole 2019 Sangiovese, or Jericho 2019 GSM*. 

Cow Persian Feta – 300g

Made with local jersey cow milk, this creamy feta is marinated in local olive oil and select herbs and spices. Perfect with crusty bread or inside an omelette.

Beverage: A light beer or light red wine (Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Jericho 2019 GSM*).

*Available in our Jericho Wine Flight Pack.