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Fibonacci – 110g (exclusive to our Cheese Club members)

THIS IS A BLAST FROM THE PAST! The last time we made Fibonacci was 2005!

Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa) – 1175-1250 was an Italian mathematician that promoted the introduction of the Hindu-Arabic number system (decimal) to Europe. He postured a series of numbers (and variations), since named the Fibonacci numbers, which interestingly also relate to many events that occur in nature.

We named this soft cow cheese, flavoured with a hint of thyme after Fibonacci as our son was doing a school project on Fibonacci at dinner when we tasted the first batch of the cheese for the first time. The two of us tried three different cheeses with five different breads & biscuits. It was eight pm on the thirteenth day of the month and we had been asked to provide a new cheese for our nieces twenty-first birthday…

The Fibonacci number sequence? 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 

Beverage – Dry Cider or Dry White wine like Coriole Fiano, Pikes Riesling we like Pikes or the Jericho 2018 Adelaide Hills Fume Blanc*.

G&C – 170g

This cheese aptly named the ‘G & C’, is a mild cheddar with a subtle hint of gin. We have collaborated with a number South Australian distilleries: Settlers Gin, KIS, Ambleside Distillery and Applewood Distillery, Never Never Distillery and more recently Australian Distillers to marry the perfect combination of flavours. Each cheese will have a little sticker identifying which gin has been used. The perfect cheese for your cheese board with lovely hints of the botanicals used in the gin.

We are delighted to collaborate and support other local businesses and says that joining forces with these popular gin producers from across South Australia with an innovative new product is a great value add for all involved.

“We know that people are really embracing our new world gin distillers, so I came to the conclusion – why not combine two of my favourite things?”

Beverage: Best enjoyed with a sneaky little G & T or Brewed by Belinda’s Symphony No. 9 Tea.

Bush Buff – 150g

We source our buffalo milk from South Australia’s only buffalo dairy in Mypolonga. All the milk produced by the dairy is exclusive to Kris Lloyd – Artisan. The small herd of around 20 or so Riverine Buffalo means we have excellent control over animal health and the milk quality.

Curd is set overnight to make this fresh cheese in a traditional lactic set, not unlike yoghurt. The curd is drained with quick precision given the milk solids in buffalo milk can be up to 18%, once drained the curd is lightly seasoned with salt and left to age for 10 or so days, after which we carefully portion the cheese by hand.

My love of outback-indigenous ingredients brought the marriage of our buffalo fresh cheese and smokey outback bush tomato together. Indigenous to South Australian bush tomato is almost like a plump raisin when fresh. These special little fruits are dried and then gently smoked to create a unique flavour that works so well with the rich, creamy, rounded flavour of the buffalo fresh cheese.

I love it on a cheese board with a crisp white wine or smothered over hot crusty bread and ….my absolute favourite is lashings of it on top of piping hot baked potatoes!

Beverage: Medium bodied reds like Coriole 2019 Sangiovese, or Jericho 2019 GSM*. 

Figaro – approx. 200g

I have selected goat milk from the Osksberj dairy in South Australia specifically for this cheese.

The curds are slowly worked with a slight scald to introduce sweetness to the cheese. Continuous and patient stirring, results in crumbly soft curd that knits together with ease.

An interesting cocktail of secondary flora are used resulting in a soft pliable texture which offers a clean herbaceous mouthfill, showing off the characters of the excellent quality milk.

The cheese is washed several times before we wrap it in vines leaves. The cheese is rested for 4 – 6 weeks while it develops a rusty red paste under the leaves, this produces the more intense flavours. Figaro was developed to introduce a cheese with more robust flavour to our portfolio as Australian consumers demand more complex and challenging flavours from their Cheesemakers. We love it on the cheeseboard, with our KLA plump apricots and a rich red wine.

Beverage: *Jericho 2016 Single Vineyard Shiraz or Brewed by Belinda’s Creativitea).

Charleston Jersey Brie – approx. 130g

Affectionately called ‘Charlie’, this cheese is a staple of our range. A classic Brie style cheese made our way, the real way. As it matures the centre becomes soft and custardy and it develops a full rich flavour with just a slight hint of mushroomy characters.

Beverage: Best enjoyed with any sparkling white wine.

*Available in our Jericho Wine Flight Pack.