After twenty years of cheese being so much a part of my life, I am so excited to introduce something incredibly special!


Along with my son Mitch Lloyd, who is our Senior Cheese Maker we will carefully select cheeses that are seasonal and complementary, each offer will comprise of 5-6 cheeses and 1 packet of our crackers.

We will also collaborate with other food and beverage producers we have had the great privilege to get to know over two decades. At times we will swap out one cheese for their quality produce as part of the offer to complement our cheeses and keep your tastebuds tantalised!

We are very proud that all of our cheeses  are made by hand using the finest quality South Australian Milk. All of the cheeses we make are herd specific and our cheeses that incorporate Native Australian ingredients really tell a great Australian Cheese Story. We just love that!

So, we want you to be able to sit back relax and enjoy – we will offer beverage matches, so you can purchase drinks that will pair well.

We hope you enjoy our selection and have fun sharing with family and friends, stay safe Cheers Kris Lloyd AM


We will offer our members NEW releases, exclusives, one offs, blasts from the past and even some of our experiments to get your feedback. Now that’s exciting!

The club is subscription based – please note that a minimum 3 subscriptions is required for you to join.
If for some reason one of our featured cheeses is unavailable, we will swap it out for an equally fabulous one. Leave it to us we know CHEESE.


Due to the inability of Australia Post to guarantee Express Post delivery times, we have been unable to ensure appropriate, reliable transportation of our refrigerated goods nationally. As a result, we have temporarily suspended all sales of cheese outside South Australia until further notice. All non-perishable items are still available for purchase.

We will continue to fulfil all orders currently subscribed through our Cheese Club.

All South Australian orders are delivered via refrigerated road transport.

We thank you for your understanding.

Click here to see if we are delivering to your postcode.

Season Pass

Annual subscription of $80.00 per delivery (plus delivery fee), for a minimum of four deliveries over twelve months. Receive your deliveries in June, September, December and March.

Each cheese weighs approx 110-200g. At times we may have very special cheeses we want to share with you as club members that may weigh less but we think it is special enough to share!


We send all boxes the quickest available way. Most of our cheese boxes arrive the next day but others may take another day or two, based on your location please check postcodes for delivery that we know we can achieve successfully.

We apologise if your postcode is not included but we want to take every step to protect our brand and your health by delivering cheese that is quality and arrives in good nic! Every box includes special insulation (that is compostable) and ice packs to keep it cool until it reaches your door.

We do not send any packs out Thursday or Friday to avoid the possibility of it being held up over the weekend.

I hope you absolutely love Clever Little Cheese Club we are jumping out of our skin to get the first deliveries out to you!

Please send pics and feedback – we’re up for it!