Welcome to Kris Lloyd-Artisan I am a self taught Cheese Maker who has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills for over 15 years. While my career as a cheese maker may have started as an accident, I am now completely passionate about all things cheese, food, wine and the Cheese Making industry in Australia.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but over the years my mistakes have taught me many valuable lessons.

Some of my ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas have needed a dogged persistence to get them to market, that has helped me excel in the development of many new products. Don’t let the skeptics tell you it can’t be done.

But a high level of patience was needed to see the fruits of my labour – as Jean Jacques Rousseau said – Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

I’ve developed the determination and tenacity to see my endeavours through, not matter what.

Kris Lloyd – Artisan is an opportunity for me to share some of the fabulous cheeses, stories and other quality products I have come across in what is now a rich tapestry of culinary and business experiences.

I hope you enjoy what I have developed so far and I encourage you to follow the progress of a young brand with a mature background.